Demon&Hunter Classic Series Men’s Regular Straight Leg Jeans

When it comes to men’s clothes, I think it is safe to say many of them still like to be in fashion… even though most of them won’t admit it. Comfort is their main focus of course and they want something that not only offers the perfect fit, but the right feel as well. Not many of us women consider this for our significant others and usually will pick the same size and usual for them when they need a pair.

While meandering on Amazon, I came across a store called Deman&Hunter Flagship Store. This store offers a variety of denim as well as belts. They have youth, a couple women items, and mens. From looking at this store, it is mostly items for men. If you would like to take a look at their storefront, please feel free to visit here.

I recently reached out to this store to see if there was a possibility to review for them. I was met with welcoming arms and the customer service from their marketing department was excellent. My review item arrived within a matter of a few days and was packaged nicely to make sure it arrived safely.

I received the pair of jeans to review. They were mens, so I had my husband give them a try. Prior to washing them, I inspected them. I checked the stitching to make sure it was straight, I looked to see if there were any loose threads or imperfections in the jeans, and I was unable to see anything wrong. These jeans cames with a small booklet attached to them to instruct care. I liked that and follwed the instructions. After washing these, they still held up nicely and I didn’t notice any issues.

My husband normally weares a size 38 and they are a little large on him. I was sent the size 40 from the representative. My husband wears a belt anyhow. When he put these on, they fit him nicely. He had a little room to spare, but these fit him more like a 38 not a 40. So, in my opinion, these run a size small. If you decide to order a pair, just keep that in mind. The rest of the product was exceptional. The way they looked on him was perfect. He has a few pairs of jeans he has paid over one-hundred dollars for and these look just like them. The design accents are on point. There are leather accents on these jeans which really offers a uniwue look to them. The leather accents are in the pocket area. The pockets offer a regular size, no different from any other pair of jeans. Material for the pockets seems to be durable and nicely sewn. Button is reinforced nicely and is one that loops into a whole in the jeans. Zipper is a metal zipper with a pull and while using doesn’t catch on any material. Overall, my opinion of these are that they are a nice pair and look like they cost a lot more than what they actually are.

This product is sold on for $35.00 USD with Prime. For more information on ordering these or to read further reviews on this item, please feel free to visit here.

This product was recieved for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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