Knee and Elbow Heat Therapy Kit- By Dr. Soooothe

My daughter has something called Patellar Subluxation in both of her knees. She struggles with her knees popping out of place periodically and is going through physical therapy amoungst many other things to help remedy this issue. After physical therapy, there tends to swelling and quite a bit of pain for her. Using a heating pad on there limits her mobility a little bit because she has to stay by the pad itself. 

This is a wonderful kit and many more people should know about this product. This product is made of a nice stretchable black fabric soft against the skin. On the inside are two pockets on each side of the knee of elbow area. The pockets are made of a durable mesh netting and the gel packets simply slide in with the greatest of ease. The gel is a purple gel. The gel packs are equipped with the click technology which aides in keeping the heat in the pouches. There is velcro on the belt which seems very heavy duty staying in place during movement. The belt itself measures about 19 inches long and 10 inches wide. Each gel pouch weighs a little over 7 oz. Each pouch has two circular indentations to help aid in durability of the gel. The gel packs seem to be made very heavy duty as well. 

Wearing this is very comfortable and with the heat, it did help any pain as well as swelling my daughter was experiencing. It was very comfortable and soothing for her to wear which isn’t something I hear from her when we have to apply heat or anything. This did stay warm for over two hours which was really nice. We haven’t had to use it for an elbow, but this does work excellent for pain and swelling in the knee. One of the best we have tried. 

Now, this can be warmed up in a few different ways. The instructions state to take a pan and boil some water on the stove with a cloth on the bottom of the pad to heat this up. I worried about ruining this, so instead for me, I boiled water, and just poured it into a bowl and soaked this into the water in the bowl. This is NOT microwave safe folks. It states that specifically on the directions, so please pay attention to that. I soaked this in the hot water for about ten minutes and this did indeed get very hot. So hot, it took me putting some of my kitchen heat gloves on to get the gel pack into the belt. I liked that aspect. The information on this product states it can get up to  130 Degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it there for up to 2.5 hours, it seemed to stay nice and hot. This is a really great alternative to other things on the market in my opinion because this doesn’t use electricity and you can use this over and over again. This product seemed to be made with durable materials and the gel pack is indeed thick and seems very heavy duty. The company also stands behind this product with a satisfaction guarantee which speaks for itself. 

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