Lavender Eye Pillow

As a mother if five children, you can imagine how stressful some days can get for me. I often find myself battling migraines for days on end, which is not a good thing because as a mother, I have no time to be dealing with that. I was recently offered an opportunity to check this product out and with what it has to offer according to the description, I was all for it.

The material is nice and silky. It sits nicely against my face. Stitching on this product is very well done. One of my main concerns with a product like this is that it would rip open. I have used this numerous times so far and it looks as wonderful as the day I received it. This does have a little bit of weight to it, but nothing that is going to make you not want to use it. The aroma of the lavender is calming, relaxing and just overall a wonderful smell. This pillow can be twisted and can conform to your face. This can also be used on the back of the neck or anywhere else that may need hot or cold therapy, so don’t just limit this to one use. It is nice and compact, so you can take this wherever you may be going which is also nice. This does tend to hold temperature very nicely with both the cold and hot features. I chose the teal and the color is as rich as reflected in the picture. I think this is a wonderful product and would make a wonderful gift for just about anyone.

This product is sold on for $10.97 USD. For more information on how to order this product, or to see what other reviewers had to say, please feel free to visit here.

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