vitafusion multivites- The best vita gummy on the market

vitafusion MultiVites provide a fusion of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural fruit flavors in a delicious gummy. This complete multivitamin is specially formulated for adults and provides a great-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional hard to swallow pills.

Two great-tasting gummies provide:
Antioxident vitamins C and E
An excellent source of vitamins B12, B6, Folic Acid, and Pantothenic Acid
As much vitamin A as on cup of broccoli
As much vitamin C as one tangerine
As much vitamin D as 5 oz. of salmon

Comes in natural berry, peach, and orange flavors
I have always been one of those people who hates to take any kind of pill what so ever. I had problems with swallowing them. Getting stuck in my throat and choking on them was my mine complaint of taking anything. As I became older, I noticed some health issues arising and was told that I needed to take a vitamin daily.
This was not new I liked. I tried a few different ones in pill form and I just couldn’t handle taking them. I noticed that there were gummy vitamins out there so I gave them a try. Let me tell you, not all gummy vitamins are created equal. Some of them left a nasty taste in my mouth, others were so hard they practically would break a tooth. In my search, I tried many different brands and varieties and was left with no answers.

I was recently offered a cahnce to try the vitafusion gummie vitamins. I wrote the description of them above here that was provided to me with them. I was a little reluctant to try these to be honest. I feared they would be like the others. The directions advised to take two a day. I could handle two I suppose. I took the plunge and gave them a try. I was surprised. They were so nice and soft, like regular gummies. The flavor was like a party in my mouth. They were mouthwatering and so flavorful. I had to double check to make sure that these were indeed vitamins. I was excited! Could it be that I finally found a vitamin I love? Yes!

These gummies were easy to chew, didn’t stick to my teeth, and had no nasty aftertaste. They were delicious. I would highly recommend these. These are gluten free and made with natural fruit flavors and colors derived from fruits, vegetables, and plants. They are available at mass, club, drug, and grocery stores.

For more information about these wonderful and delicious gummies, please feel free to visit the company website located here or their social media channels which are located on Facebook and Twitter.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for a non-biased review.

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